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Globe Theatre “Violating History” with Non-Binary Joan of Arc Production

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre's Joan of Arc will use 'they'them' pronouns in the new production "I, Joan." Many have accused...

Serena Williams: “Between Tennis And Family, I Choose The Latter”

Serena Williams, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, the 23-time Grand Slam singles champion, and a...

Jennette McCurdy: Mother’s Unfulfilled Dreams Led To Abuse

Nickelodeon star memoir "I'm Glad My Mum Died", details abuse as her mother lived vicariously through her. Child actress Jennette...

Young People Are The Real Victims Of The Recession

The bank of England has predicted a recession with...


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Will This New Show Revive Piers Morgan’s Career?

Piers Morgan is one of a kind in the broadcasting world. When you mix...

Dan Collison, CEO of Farm Africa Discusses The Truth Of Climate Justice

Dan Collison is the CEO of Farm Africa, an NGO dedicated to reducing the...

Finding Authentic Black Images Just Got Easier

The depiction of Black people online is often narrow or problematic. Cotta is building...

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