Partners and Supporters

Our main and driving supporters are members of our community, a growing community of over 30,000 readers who read enjoy and are empowered by our content. Over 500 ordinary people founded the network with initial funding and have since helped drive content and our journey.

How we work with partners

Our journalism is funded by our members and our partners. We are establishing Founding Partnerships with a small group of businesses willing to back a new form of journalism, enable the public debate, share their expertise and communicate their point of view. Those companies, of course, know that we are a journalistic enterprise. Our independence is non-negotiable. If we ever have to choose between the relationship and the story, we’ll always choose the story.

All our partners and supports are aware of ‘our voice’ and their partnership with us confirms they are willing to support ‘our voice’

Our Voice

The Common Sense Network is an Independent news outlet. We were founded by 500+ ordinary people who saw a problem with the mainstream media and did something about it. This means we are not solely driven by profit margins or vested interests. We are a platform kept alive by our community who we exist to serve. In a digital age, where the news cycles moves at dizzying speeds, news has become noise. The Common Sense Network is a platform our readers visit to discover stories that matter. To discover stories from across the political spectrum, local stories, stories that hold power to account, that uncover wrongdoing, that empower the forgotten and the unheard. We are on a mission to build the broadest coalition of diverse commentators in the UK. Our articles are well researched, well written and straight talking. We remain committed to providing multiple perspectives on issues because we believe, there are two sides to every story….

Our Partners and supports include,

  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • The Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • The Queens Commonwealth Trust 
  • The Huxley Summit 
  • The British Council
  • BBC
  • Manchester City Council
  • Facebook London
  • The Economist
  • Kenneth Cukier – Senior Editor – The Economist
  • Lord Hastings of Scarborough – Global Head of Citizenship KPMG, Vice PresidentUNICEF
  • The University of Manchester
  • Adrian Chiles
  • The Financial Times
  • University College London
  • WE Movement
  • James Mawson – President – London Press Club – CEO Global Corporate Venturing

Any organisations interested in partnership can visit our website for partners and can find our business team at