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Keir Thompson

Keir is a contributor with the Common Sense Network with a background in corporate communications, research and analysis.
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Dive into the Deep: The Future is AI

In 1996, IBM's Deep Blue computer made history by becoming the first artificial intelligence (AI) system to defeat Kasparov, the world chess champion. Cut to 25 years later; ChatGPT is released. It broke records, quickly becoming the fastest-adopted technology in history, reaching one million users in five days and 100 million users in two months. To put that into perspective, just to hit 1 million users, it took Facebook 10 months and Spotify five. As many in the industry are calling it a ‘Google-level event’ we could all learn a little more. I have dived into the issue so that you don’t have to, here is what I found. 

Is Banning Russia Today In The Uk The Start Of A Slippery Slope?

What Happened? Russia has promised further crackdowns on British media outlets operating in the country, after UK media regulator Ofcom banned the Kremlin-backed television channel RT. The...

The Rittenhouse Case Proves a Problem with The American Justice System

On November 19th Kyle Rittenhouse was awaiting the jury’s decision. The events were never up for debate. He shot three people at a BLM...

The Gloss Is Wearing Off Boris

The Speaker of the House, Sir Lindsey Hoyle, reprimanding the Prime Minister, asks “…we play by the rules don’t we?” The Prime Minister, amid falling poll figures, shakes his head as Keir Starmer stands. Accusations of sleaze, betrayal and ineptitude are catching up with Boris Johnson.

Big Business Must Tackle Climate Crisis Or Risk Irrelevance

COP26 finished on the 12th of November 2021. World leaders, diplomats and cultural influencers gathered in Glasgow for an event many hoped would usher...

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‘They don’t care about our future’: 4 in 5 children don’t feel listened to by politicians

The biggest survey of children in England ever produced...

Tory donor ‘racism’ dispute is embarrassing for all involved

A Tory minister has said his party would take...
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