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Keir Thompson

My aim is to improve the world around us with communications, turn words into action, and to leave the future in a better state than when I found it. I have an interest in strategic communications and fascinated by the impact stories can have. Current affairs particularly interests me, these are the stories that give us insights into the world around us.
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Is Banning Russia Today In The Uk The Start Of A Slippery Slope?

What Happened? Russia has promised further crackdowns on British media outlets operating in the country, after UK media regulator Ofcom banned the Kremlin-backed television channel RT. The...

The Rittenhouse Case Proves a Problem with The American Justice System

On November 19th Kyle Rittenhouse was awaiting the jury’s decision. The events were never up for debate. He shot three people at a BLM...

The Gloss Is Wearing Off Boris

The Speaker of the House, Sir Lindsey Hoyle, reprimanding the Prime Minister, asks “…we play by the rules don’t we?” The Prime Minister, amid falling poll figures, shakes his head as Keir Starmer stands. Accusations of sleaze, betrayal and ineptitude are catching up with Boris Johnson.

Big Business Must Tackle Climate Crisis Or Risk Irrelevance

COP26 finished on the 12th of November 2021. World leaders, diplomats and cultural influencers gathered in Glasgow for an event many hoped would usher...

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Will This New Show Revive Piers Morgan’s Career?

Piers Morgan is one of a kind in the...

I Guess It’s Her Black Life That Matters?

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors has come under...
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