PoliticsA Police Force That’s Been 'Utterly Transformed'?

A Police Force That’s Been ‘Utterly Transformed’?


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Recently Scotland Yard Chief Commissioner Cressida Dick has insisted that the Metropolitan Police is no longer regarded as “institutionally racist”, which she believes is a label that is harmful. Believing it creates distrust within the public towards the police, inhibiting any intelligence, collaborations to aid the police in solving crime.


What’s even more inconsiderate is her claim regarding the Macpherson Report released 20 years ago following the death of Stephen Lawrence. Resulting in an inquiry into the entire police institution, due to proceedings into the investigation of Stephen Lawrence’s murder. The report commented on the Metropolitan Police stating the investigation was “marred by a combination of professional incompetence, institutional racism and a failure of leadership”.  

The nature of Cressida Dick’s comments is in poor taste calling for the public to change their opinions for an institution that has failed many particularly those from deprived areas, certain ethnic backgrounds; for which it has been ordered to protect and serve like that of Stephen Lawrence.

Stephen Lawrence, Who Was Murdered In A Racially Motivated Attack- April 22, 1993

The policies in place while Cressida Dick has been Chief Commissioner point to now evidence of a “less racist” nor “reformed” police force. In the recent years the increased power to officers with the use of stop and search targeted predominately at black males, the death of many black males such as Rashan Charles and Edson Da Costa while in policy custody within London and around the UK. Personally, in the recent years the conduct of the police has not convinced me or much of London, to place genuine trust in a police force; which has deteriorated rapidly in the recent years. Inquests into BAME deaths within police custody also highlight a sickening insight within police conduct.  

Edson da Costa (Left) and Rashan Charle (Right) Both Who Died In Police Custody

Cressida Dick frankly has a plenty to answer to, whilst being commissioner of the Metropolitan Police from 2017 and her overall involvement the Met in the previous decades.

Her launching of Operation Trident in 2001 a scheme targeted at African-Caribbean communities to mitigate gun crime and homicides; which proved to be ineffective due to political interference and lack dedication specialism and focus.

Jean Charles de Menezes Who Was Wrongly Deemed As A Fugitive

The death of Jean Charles de Menezes following the London bombings, who was shot dead after being wrongly deemed a fugitive for the terrorist attack. Even more recently in social media, increased hostility towards police officers have been trending, highlighting the misconduct of police officers; with their over exertion of force and power. Whereby continued footage of police overexerting force over residents within BAME communities.

As of today, the comments made by the Met Chief Commissioner has brought much scrutiny to her creditability, and her general comments from the start of this year. Although the Metropolitan Police attempts to make strides to becoming an institution that the BAME community can trust but as off today we’re far from that point. But nevertheless, the bold claim of a reformed police force in the light of activities by officers and senior management, is rather questionable; and the commissioner has a lot to answer to.

Joshua Best
Joshua Best
Joshua Best is a current PPE student within Manchester. Being of Barbadian descent, born and bred in Hackney, London. He is a individual which is very outspoken, evident by his views around politics and the economy. Being a man with many gifts such as drumming, and creative with his dancing, photography, and media production; shows he’s a jack of all trades. Inspired by his faith as a Christian and motivated by Apostle Paul, has contributed to his personal development.

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