Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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R number: What is it and is there a better measurement?

As part of our Common Sense On: Coronavirus series, Contributor Adesewa explores the meaning of the R value, its importance and its relationship with the lockdown and social distancing restrictions.  The highlight of last...

Coronavirus Conversations: Talking Productivity

Struggling to stay productive whilst on lockdown? Members of The Common Sense Network will now be on our Instagram account (@tcsnetwork) putting on live sessions every week, discussing productivity tips and hacks. Britain today...

Blame and Belonging

After the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017, Islamophobic rhetoric was fuelled and religiously aggravated hate crime more than doubled in Greater Manchester. This discrimination brought about the creation of Blame & Belonging; a performance...

#NORTH30 – The List Celebrating The North of England

Rifts between The North and The South are not new. London has swallowed most of the energy, resources and money to help it reach its global city status that dominates narratives about the UK. For some time...

Stop And Search: Do You Know Your Rights?

Boris Johnson's new plans to inject £1.1bn into the police force and hire an extra 20,000 police officers by 2022 means that more young people will be stop and searched My job is...

African Food Festival coming to Manchester

The UK's first festival of African Street Food is coming to Manchester this weekend (11th of August). Never before has a culinary festival bought together so many different African cuisines in one place.

Children Are Not Monsters, Give Them Books That Reflect Them

“You guys know about vampires? … You know, vampires have no reflections in a mirror? There’s this idea that monsters don’t have reflections in a mirror. And what I’ve always thought isn’t that monsters don’t have reflections...

#NORTH30: Northern 30 Under 30 List Revealed

Read the full list here: #NORTH30 Rifts between The North and The South are not new. London has swallowed most of the energy, resources and money to help it reach its global city status...

Assimilate, Assimilate – Tony Blair the Migrant Exterminator

In a new report by Tony Blair's non-profit, Institute of Global Change, Blair suggests that integration and assimilation by migrants is a core part of being British that migrants need to take on as their duty.

8/10 The Cost of Artistry | Amani Saeed

In a time where crime in our capital is at an all-time high, the narrative we often see in the mainstream media is that people of colour, are using violence to channel their pain.

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TCS Mental Health: The Impact of Yoga

In light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, mental health has been at the forefront of many discussions....
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A case of race: How racism can impact mental health

Racism is not short of its involvement in popular discussion. As debates of race and identity have increased tenfold, due mostly to...

What is lock-down like around the world?

Migrant workers throng buses amid the nationwide lockdown to stem the spread of coronavirus at Lal Kuan Bus Stand n Ghaziabad,...

War commemorations during a pandemic: right or wrong?

For a nation that loves any excuse for a good old party, frustrations were riding high as Victory in Europe's 75th anniversary...

Male mental health hit hard by COVID-19

In the last three weeks, a charity has said that more than half a million people accessed training to prevent suicide.