Safe Shoes to Wear in Cold and Slippery Weather

By Hannah Bamgbala.

Although the worst is behind us for those in London and the South of England, in these recent terrible weather conditions, it’s important that we know how to stay well protected. So, how well have you been protecting your feet? Snow and ice can be extremely dangerous and slippery, especially if you aren’t wearing the correct shoes to keep yourself safe.

Here are a few simple shoe options for this recent snowy weather, and even if not for now, it’ll come in handy the next time you’re considering a winter ski vacay.

1. Wellington boots

These shoes are mostly worn in rainy weather conditions. They are long and water proof, protecting your feet and a certain length of your legs from getting wet in the rain. These shoes are also good for the snow because they have a surprisingly strong and structured grip underneath to prevent slipping.

2. Timberlands

This particular shoe is always in and out of trend, so it’s great to have a pair, especially for both winter and summer. They are strong shoes that are protective in harsh environments and also cover your ankles. They are great for snowy and icy weather and have a fantastic grip structure under the shoe to provide stability when walking. Although they are a bit pricey, you don’t necessarily have to buy this particular brand, as many shops sell similar versions for less.

4. Snow boots and Mountain boots

Snow boots and mountain boots, aren’t the best looking footwear and may not be in fashion, but they are both fantastic shoes for snowy and icy weather. Real mountain boots are designed to conserve heat, making them particularly warm inside. The grip underneath also makes it nearly impossible to slip and fall. You will also find that most come up above your ankles to lock in that extra bit of heat.

5. Trainers

Last but not least is trainers. There are honestly so many brilliant trainers that have been designed for multiple purposes, but they’ve become such a fashion statement we tend to not see their versatility. Some are built for comfort but the good ones are built to last and provide great balance. Of course, not all trainers are designed for though weather but there are some good ones with well designed grips, water proof material and good support to get you through the snow.

All in all, if you are unfortunate enough to still be battling the cold and wet weather, make sure that your choice in footwear has a good amount of grip underneath and are of course water proof.


And don’t forget your socks!

Hannah Bamgbala was born in London and is of Nigerian descent. She is passionate about freedom of expression in both Africa and photography. Hannah is currently a Fashion Media and Promotion student at The University For The Creative Arts Rochester and is looking to pursue journalism, photography and styling once she graduates.


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