As this new season begins, we see the return of Aston Martin to the constructor’s Championships after a 60 year hiatus (could it get any longer).

As they rejoin the cohort, there’s just 1 question: Why does there appear to be so few British manufacturers.

For myself I was of the opinion that the only British manufacturers still prevalent in the sport today were McLaren.

But to my surprise Williams were still going, albeit finishing the previous season with 0 points. With the return of Aston Martin, will this mark the return of British constructors to the top of the sport, or is it just a moment in time?

British manufacturers and the Formula 1

The domestic shores have a rich history with the sport of Formula 1, with Silverstone being the circuit where the championships started back in 1950.

Additionally, over the cars on the starting grid that day, seven of the vehicles were representatives of teams that were based in the British Isles, times have changed and the European powerhouses in mainland Europe have made their presence felt.

The rise of Mercedes and Red Bull

The 21st century in all honesty has seen a few manufacturers pull clear on rotation for sustained periods of time, with a douse of anomalous campaigns.

Ferrari virtually dominated the noughties with six championships in that time. Red Bull then took on the mantle and pulled clear from 2010-2013.

Ever since, Mercedes upgraded and managed to attract the two best drivers at the time and arguably the best constructed vehicle since and the last seven winners have driven their vehicles.

But with the changes to rules and regulations for this upcoming season, could that all change?

What does this season have in store for us?

Well first and foremost, budget caps have been imposed, it could be a more open competition which could make the prospect of Lewis Hamilton retaining his title not necessarily a foregone conclusion.

With more standardised parts, it’s definitely putting an end to the arms race, with whoever has the money to spend on car parts to operate more superiorly on the track.

This is the sporting body’s way of levelling out the constructors championship and as such, making the driver’s championship that bit less about the car they’re seated in and more about their skills in the car.

Will Lewis Hamilton MBE retain the title, we will just have to wait and see…

Let’s wait and see…

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Tyrone Chambers is a London-born, Kent-raised Project manager and aspiring Business owner. He holds a BA (Hons) in Global Business Management where he also spent some time studying in Denmark. He is a strongly opinionated sports fanatic who is also a musician. He works with multiple organisations that look to uplift & impact the wider society.

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