GeneralFive Young Change-Makers at One Young World Manchester Summit

Five Young Change-Makers at One Young World Manchester Summit


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Last week, the annual One Young World Summit kicked off in Manchester, with many young delegates from around the world joining together to exchange ideas and inspire change.

Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex, opened the ceremony with a speech that was aimed to inspire the young people gathered at Bridgewater Hall:

“You are the future; you are also the present. You are the ones driving the positive and necessary change needed across the globe now in this very moment.

Your time is now.

The important work can’t wait for tomorrow. And this week, the world is watching as you cement your place in history by showcasing the good that you are doing today in the present moment.”

Following on from Meghan Markle’s speech, I would like to highlight five young change-makers impacting their communities worldwide. I had the opportunity to listen to their stories as they set to change the world.

Jamira Burley | AFROPUNK

Jamira Burley | Social Justice Advocate & Social Impact Consultant

Director of Social Impact Projects, Adidas | North America

“Every single moment in our history has been led by people just like you. Young people, poor people, everyday people have always been at the fore front of change – leading with your energy and your passion and your creativity. People who are not bound by the party lines of our politicians or the social constraints of our elders.”

Franziska Trautmann | Delegate Speaker for the Oceans Plenary Challenge

Co-founder & CEO, Glass Half Full | Louisiana

“I create sand from recycled glass. Sand is the planets most exploited resource after water. We cannot keep mining and dredging the amount of sediment needed for coastal restoration projects. As a college senior I came up with a solution to divert glass from our landfills and turn it into a resource. It grows plants, reclaim lands and reduce waste.”

Franziska Trautmann | One Young World
Jaiksana Soro | One Young World

Jaiksana Soro | Delegate Speaker for the Conflict Prevention Plenary Challenge

Founder, O Space Innovation Hub | South Sudan

“Global peace seems an increasingly elusive prospect, and part of the problem with disinformation online is that it’s disconnected from reality. It is easy to write and spread disinformation without feeling the consequences, but these consequences are real and they are tragic. We must deal with this urgently. We need disinformation and hate speech on the global agenda and off our screens forever.”

Soraya Fouladi | Delegate Speaker for the Gender Equality Plenary Challenge

Founder & CEO, Jara | San Francisco

“Only 39% of girls in low-income countries get a chance to complete their secondary education. And COVID 19 put 816 million children out of school. why? Because they live in areas with minimal electricity and near to no internet. Jara ensures children and teachers everywhere have access to e-learning and distant learning. The Jara Unit works as an interactive textbook, workbook, and digital personal tutor, many of which are normally inaccessible to these communities, especially at home.”

Soraya Fouladi | One Young World
Guillermo Herrera-Arcos | One Young World

Guillermo Herrera-Arcos | Delegate Speaker for the Health Plenary Challenge

Founder, Prothesia | Mexico

“We have the technology and tools to rehabilitate millions of people with conditions like spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, amputation or stroke. We just have to want it! I have created accessible medical devices by using technology that’s up to 50 times cheaper than what’s available globally. At a fraction of the cost, people are able to stand up and walk again. I couldn’t live in a world where basic health services were not available to everyone.”

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