VideoDo You know How To Spot Fake News Online?...

Do You know How To Spot Fake News Online? // Let’s Talk About it


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Episode Two: Fake News – What is it and how do we counter or think more critically This episode explores fake news, covering the origin of the term and how it’s used today in popular culture. In this episode, we explore how fake news spreads and how you can stop it. In our digital age, it’s becoming harder to tell the difference so this skill is very important.

– What is the C.R.A.P Method?

– When was the last time you saw fake news and how did you know it was fake news?

– What can we all do collectively to combat the spreading of fake news on social media?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section

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Mike Omoniyi
Mike Omoniyi
Mike Omoniyi is the Founder and Editor In Chief of The Common Sense Network. He oversees and is responsible for the direction of the Network. Mike is an activist, singer/songwriter and keen athlete. With a degree in Politics Philosophy and Economics, MA in Political Science (Democracy and Elections) and an incoming PhD on a study of Cyber-Balkanisation, Mike is passionate about politics and the study of argumentation. He is also the Managing Director of a number of organisations including, Our God Given Mission, The BAM Project and The Apex Group.

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