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Josephine Oluwakanmi

Josephine Oluwakanmi is an undergraduate studying Creative Writing and Journalism at the University of Chester. Alongside her combined honours, Josephine is an avid logophile regularly expressing her artistic zeal through poetry, short stories, articles and just about anything she can get her hands on. Currently writing for TCS and CAT Media, Josephine is determined to inspire others, particularly millennials, to use their voice as a driving force for change through media as well as everyday life. You can find her on twitter @Josephine_Olu
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The 1% donating 1%: A modern day metaphor or misinterpretation?

Is the backlash over Billionaire David Harding’s £1m contribution out of £100 for BME students at Cambridge University an accurate representation of the imbalanced...

Make U.S Government Workers Independent Again

Trumps bid to see ‘America great again’ leaves government workers paid in beer, meals and even Broadway tickets! It’s 33 days into the longest ever...

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Amber Heard’s Verdict Does Not Set All Women Back

After six weeks of the high-profile defamation trial of...

You’re Not Celebrating Pride; You’re Rainbow Washing

We are now halfway through 2022, and it is...
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