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01 – The Detail: Echo Chambers

In an age of hyper information, one would be forgiven for expecting a growing number of information sources to result in a more informed and considered demos.

In fact, the opposite is true. People are more polarised and disenfranchised than they have ever been. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the Brexit vote in June 2016 where 51.89% of 46,500,001 voted Leave and 48.11% voted Remain. A clear depiction of the United Kingdom’s stark division. What has transpired since, for the most part, is a heel digging into ideological trenches and a general unwillingness to learn about the ‘other side’.

Now, I should temper this early apocalyptic claim with an acknowledgement that division isn’t new. It is as old as speech itself. However, the emergence and proliferation of tech has exacerbated division, and led to the creation of new online echo-chambers, where opposing views don’t meet. This why we created The Detail. At The Common Sense Network, we believe you deserve to hear all the sides of a debate before you make up your mind. Especially debates this important.

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