Winter’s Cold Advances: Who Feels It The Most?

There’s always one thing that crosses my mind when winter slides back into my dms. Her persistence is uncanny, giving me the good old flu, runny nose and cold fingers. When I’m walking home from work, gym or even a day out, she stays in my dms for a good 3 months. It takes 3 months before she decides I’m not going to entertain her. But there are people who receive the full force of her beauty per say. I wish I never experience this side of her beauty. I only want to experience it when I am trying to send a message out to the world and my local community.

There is a word that I want to put a lot of emphasis on in my previous paragraph. That word is ‘home’. So many people can handle the persistent winters because they have a home, that stops her advances. Many totally forget she’s there because you are in the comfort of your warm and cosy houses. When you are outside, this comfort leave you, as increasingly feel her presence. Then and only then, will you feel it.

Many people in Manchester and around the world they don’t have such luxury. I say luxury because having a house or roof over your head is a massive luxury. No matter how big or small your house is. You are still protected from winters gaze and constant cold-hearted advances. The people who don’t have these luxuries are ‘the homeless’. And they feel the brute of winter’s advances every single day and night. They are more prone to getting illnesses and worse case freezing to death. The thought of that saddens me when I know I will be entering the warmth of my house.

According to the charity Shelter, homelessness has increased by 33% in certain regions of Manchester. People are either living on the streets or in temporary accommodation.  However, the newly elected mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham has decided to launch a mayoral fund that aims to end rough sleeping in Manchester by 2020. The fund is going to focus on specialised accommodation for those in need, focusing on making use of the city’s empty properties. Something that crosses my mind is why the various city councils don’t turn derelict buildings and homes into a more livable space for homeless people.

Going into the New Year, remember that many individuals are in extremely desperate circumstances. Try and help homeless people in whatever way you can this coming year. Be a significant difference in someone’s life, no matter how small or big.

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Fidelis Olaniran is a journalist for The Common Sense Network. Born in Nigeria, the 19 year old has lived in Ireland, Manchester and Liverpool. He is currently studying Law at Liverpool John Moores University. Fidelis spends his time in the gym, keeping fit, or creating new ventures on his new YouTube Chanel.

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