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The Media Still Hates The Church: A Response to ITV’s Documentary


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Earlier this week, a video was posted online about an undercover investigation conducted by ITV news on the alleged homosexual “conversion” in Winner’s Chapel ministry – causing uproar in the online Christian community. A reporter supposedly faked being a homosexual man in a pathetic attempt to attack the ministry. There are many problems with this investigation but because this isn’t a dissertation – I’ll keep this as a brief article on the few concerns held with this investigation.

Distortion of Christian values

The Christian community, for so long, has been defined as an intolerant section of society that reject anyone that doesn’t believe in Jesus, when this is simply false. At the end of the video, a caption states: “[The church] say they comply with the law and follow the “biblical teachings of love for everyone regardless of their belief, gender, background or sexual orientation”. That alone, is the gospel. Without pulling out scripture as evidence, the primary goal of the Christian community is to reach out to those who do not believe and, instead of excluding them, exemplify the love of God to them, which is exactly what the accused Pastor did. He took the time to sit in his office with the fake-homosexual reporter, educate him on his beliefs and even prayed with him in solitude for 20 minutes. This is all an example of love, the very foundation of the Christian faith. It is an outrage that ITV would try to use language such as “conversion therapy” to manipulate the public.

Believer sticks to their beliefs – shock horror (!) 

In addition, the pastor of Winner’s Chapel ministry said and did NOTHING that was contrary to the Christian faith. It is no secret that Christians typically believe that homosexuality is against the teachings in the Bible – however; this does not mean that the entire Christian community hates all homosexual people. Like every religion, there are extremists that preach hate towards people that engage in homosexual activity when in fact – believers typically separate the act from the person – because they believe that all have sinned so none can judge other than God. The point is, not all believers are the same and no one should be shamed for what they believe in. Stop defining all Christians as hateful homophobes. 
It is unsettling that ITV would go undercover to investigate a church that believes and practices what the Bible teaches about homosexuality and call it “conversion therapy” so that legal action might be taken. They would never go to a mosque with this sort of energy, but the passivity of the Christian faith is often taken for granted. UK Media, either accurately report the values of the Christian community, or steer clear entirely. Enough distortion.

Fleur Boya
Fleur Boya
Fleur is an expressionist artist and global politics enthusiast, as well as both a cinephile and a bibliophile. She is a University of Leeds alumni with a degree in International Relations. As a political journalist for the TCS Network, Fleur hopes to educate a large number of millennials that have a depleting or non-existing interest in politics. However, above her insatiable interest in the international political climate and exploring the context of unstable relationships between state ‘superpowers’, she is a follower of Jesus and believes that love cures and conquers all things.

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