Staff PicksThe Biggest Trends of 2018

The Biggest Trends of 2018


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By Tanya Mwamuka.

2017 was the year I finally found my style, and styles that featured on the runway definitely contributed to this evolution. The runway was hot with everlasting fashion trends and could quite possibly have been my favourite so far. For this very reason, I was left wondering, what did 2018 have to offer? I won’t lie to you I really wasn’t expecting much, but to my surprise the runways for Spring/Summer 2018 have left me saving every penny to buy clothes in ZARA. So, if you’re as obsessed with fashion as I am, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a run through of five of the biggest trends to grace our presence so far:

(1) Pastel perfect

Red ruled the roost last year, and no doubt won’t be going away anytime soon. However, there’s a new colour scheme making headway; pastels. Baby pinks, eggshell blues and pale purples are just some of the shades to note. Hermes went sunny with lemon sorbet outfits and pistachio green was the epicenter of Sies Marjan. Blogger and Youtuber with the stage name KarenBritChic shows you how it’s done in her video, where she shares the best ways to style pastels below.

KarenBritChic youtube video: How to style pastels

(2) Denim Re-done

Denim seems to be a recur-re year in year out. Copies of vetements patch work jeans were in every shop on the high street last year. 2018 has a more subtle style; light wash is out and the 2000’s dark and moody dark denim has made a return. With the addition of contrast stitching, who would have thought tailored denim would look this good?

Image: courtesy of Max Mara

(3) Barely There

With this bitter UK weather, we may have to wait a bit to fully embrace the organza explosion; as soon as a hint of heat comes, you can be sure that this trend will definitely flourish.

Image: courtesy of Preen

Perfect for the summer the ‘barely there’ trend, is an easy breezy style and paired with pastels is an extra feminine style that exudes ethereal spring vibes all day long. In contrast, Dolce and Gabbana took the took to the dark side, avoiding gelato shades and going punk rock with black.

Image: courtesy of Dolce and Gabbana

(4) Crayola Brights

Here is proof that red certainly isn’t dead. It’s strange to think that colour palettes on the opposite end of the spectrum, pastels and bright primary colours are both in this season, but that’s fashion for you. These bold, eye catching hues take me back to primary school days and are a reminder of how fashion can be so much fun.

Image: courtesy of

(5) 90’s baby

It’s not something new, the fashion industry has been known to take influence from the past. The 70’s was a big influence in 2016, and the 80’s power shoulders and balloon sleeves saw a return last year. 2018 is seeing maybe the biggest revival of one of my favourite decades; the 90’s baby. 90’s accessories have been the most notable, from micro and super cat eyed sunglasses to the classic beret.

Image: Kylie jenner via pinterest & popsugar

The list of trends goes on and on, plastics, pencil skirts and more. I see the styles above lasting a very long time, definitely longer than just one season, and perhaps they may become as timeless and classic as the beloved trench coat.


Tanya is currently studying Biomedical Sciences at the University of Manchester and hopes to get into science journalism and media after completing her degree. She loves fashion and travelling and enjoys learning new languages in her spare time; she is currently learning French.

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