General“Sadistic” BBK Rapper Solo 45 on Trial For 22...

“Sadistic” BBK Rapper Solo 45 on Trial For 22 Rape Charges


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Grime artist Andy Anokye, aka Solo 45, has been accused of 22 counts of rape and five counts of false imprisonment. The rapper best known for the club anthem ‘Feed Em To The Lions’ was arrested back in 2017 on two counts of rape, one count of false imprisonment and one of causing actual bodily harm. After examining images on Anokye’s phone, the police contacted three more women who have come forward and accused the rapper of further rape allegations.

The first complainant had met the Boy Better Know star backstage at a Skepta gig, where the two exchanged contact and began a relationship. The woman accuses Anokye of being abusive towards her on many occasions with one incident involving the rapper stabbing her and pouring bleach into her mouth.
Threatening to shoot her, Anokye held the woman hostage in his London flat and subjected her to a terrifying ordeal of rape and torment.
Held hostage for five days, the victim finally escaped after phoning her mother and indicating that she was being held captive against her will.
The victim explained that she felt helpless and that,

‘it got to the point where he did just whatever he wanted and I let him’.

Footage found on the rappers phone was shown in the court room, it captured Anokye giving a thumbs up while orally raping the heavily bruised victim.

Similar to the first victim, the second complainant accuses Anokye of imprisoning her in his hotel the first time she met him. She alleges that he threatened to waterboard her before ripping her shirt and raping her which he also filmed on his phone.
The victim maintains that on the second time they met, the rapper expressed to her that,

‘some of the best sex we’ve ever had was when I am raping you’.

Anokye then proceeded to rape her again and recorded himself beating the victim. The two did not meet up again.

Prosecutor, Christopher Quinlin QC described the third victim as being Anokye’s ‘prisoner’ with her freewill being gone entirely. The victim was waterboarded and repeatedly raped by the rapper who then told her that he was sadistic and ‘got off making people cry’.

Afterwards he then filmed himself orally and vaginally raping the woman.
Phone exchanges between the two was read out to the courtroom.
One message from Anokye read

‘Forcing my c* up you’re a* turns me on’

Another text read

‘I can feel you hurting, I can see it but I don’t care’

The victim claims that she was reluctant to come forward to the police as she felt her family and friends would be subject to harm by Anokye.

The fourth and final victim stated that initially sex was consensual but soon Anokye became aggressive and condescending. She claims Anokye verbally abused her and had filmed himself raping her. Further events of physical abuse was alleged with one occasion said to involve Anokye pouring bleach on a cloth and proceeded to placing the cloth over her mouth. He then attempted to strangle the woman with her own coat. With encouragement from friends, the woman told a police officer about the abuse who then arrested the rapper.

Anokye maintains his innocence and states that all four of the woman were willing participants in ‘rough sex’.

The trial is still on going.

Afoma Andrea
Afoma Andrea
Afoma Andrea is a 2nd year Law with Criminology undergraduate at the University of Hull. Though originally from Ireland she now currently lives in Leeds. Afrobeat and Doctor Who are her babies and she will defend them to the ends of the earth. With aspirations to work in the radio industry, Afoma is also a co-producer at the Optic team on TCSNETWORK.

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