Kill Tory Scum: The New Form of Acceptable Violence From Left Wing Activists

The punk band ‘Killdren’ who have been calling for violence against the Conservative Party have been pulled from Glastonbury Music Festival.

In the below music video “Kill Tory Scum (before they kill you)”, they call out the murder of the Conservative members of parliament and those who adhere to conservative values.

A message at the end of the song’s video makes it clear, however, that Killdren “do not condone the killing of MPs or voters”.

Killdren have complained saying they are being victimised and mischaracterized by “the right-wing press”. Arguing that a conservative government has hurt significant portions of society; in particular those at the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder.

Under the Tory government, nearly 4 million people have had to use food banks due to the austerity measures. MP’s were allowed a 10% pay rise, whilst the NHS wages were capped at 1%.

Twitter User said: Singing a song about killing politicians is more offensive than the estimated 130,000 people who have died in the last 9 years as a result of austerity”.

Alongside the wage cap, the Grenfell fire which caused 72 deaths has caused people to feel anger towards the government. The lack of responsibility or charges in the investigation has lead to a culture of distrust. However, calling for violence does nothing to alleviate the pain caused by one party. Violence to one cannot bring back those lost, or hurt in a politics of revenge.

Music is a powerful medium and Killdren are using an important medium to reiterate the killing of “Tory Scum”. So why is music and its effects continually denied?

Musics Effects On The Brain

Music has a peculiar and particular effect on humans, causing us to dance, and nod our heads. The brain is a creature of volume and repetition and it is easy to influence the human brain. Hence why it is easier to listen to music which is a subtle form of programming, helping to shape your reality, whilst also leaking into the conscious and subconscious mind.

Music can take us to happy, sad, and angry places. It can inspire, demotivate, motivate and encourage particular motives or experiences based on our understanding of the lyrics.

Music triggers human reward systems in the human brain. Whilst not everyone experiences intense emotional responses to music it affects all humans in a myriad of ways.

It can really inspire and incentivise humans to perform actions in accordance with what they listen to. Therefore in accordance with the music by Killdren, if I am vehemently opposed to The Conservative Party, a song telling me to “Kill Tory Scum”, it will release more dopamine, furthering my continuing hate for the Tories. Rewarding me for listening to music calling for violence against the party.

If you are what you eat, then are you not what you consume through your ears?

Consuming music that encourages violence, murder, highlights the sinister side of humans. We should not encourage it.

Murder is not okay, not on any side of the political spectrum, white, black, male or female.

Music Can and Does Incite Violence

There’s only one category of music that comes to mind when we talk of violence upon other human bodies: drill music.

Drill music, a black category of music that has been defended as being an ethnic art form, openly calls for violence against other young males.

Image result for tion wayne keisha becky remix lyrics
Russ (far left), Aith (middle), far right (Tion Wayne)

“Everyday I give thanks for the blessing, but I repent for numerous cheffings. If you saw the way that I kweffed him, man I weren’t shocked that his bredrin left him.”

In Tion Wayne’s verse he openly spoke of asking for forgiveness for stabbing other young men, and how his friend left him after he stabbed another young man.

LONDON’S knife epidemic is out of control with more than 27 deaths since the start of 2019. Drill music plays a heavy part in knife crime. As the genre speaks of gang wars, murder, robbery and many other deplorable acts.

Violence is violence and its a disease we must rid ourselves in a supposed civilized society. Killdren alongside the drill genre should be no-platformed, calling for violence is actually oppressive and it has no place in a democratic world.

Whilst Conservatives have hurt many people through their policies, we cannot become evil to fight the very evil we are opposed to.

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Shaun Flores is from Trinidad & Tobago, the home of carnival
In 2018 he became a TEDx speaker speaking on the failures of multiculturalism. He is also a commercial & fashion model.
MA in Race Media and Social Justice
BA in Criminology & Sociology

He hopes to study a PhD 'The absence of paternal masculinity in the black home'.

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