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In Defence of Jordan Peterson: A Response To The Guardian


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Jordan Peterson releases a new free speech platform 

Prominent psychologist and free speech and anti-political correctness Jordan Peterson has created a free speech site to discuss ideas. The new website is called  Thinkspot—a new free speech-friendly social media platform.

The website will allow for open discussion of ideas and more in a world to which Peterson believes is saturated with a heavily policed political correctness.

Screen grab from ThinkSpot. Visitors are invited to sign up to the beta site

In an article written by Martha Gill for the Guardian, which has sparked outcry from Andrew Doyle via twitter who said:

“The first paragraph of this Guardian article outlines a series of arguments that no serious person has ever made and goes from there. Why bother writing an article at all if you’re not prepared to engage with what people have said?”

Peterson, to some audiences, is a bigot and couches his arguments on the removal of systematic structures whilst giving a voice to the fascists. Focusing and centring on the responsibility of the individual amongst the struggles of life. Some of his favourite terms include: “proclivity, reprehensible and Marxist ideologues.”

The Virtual Father

Peterson is a virtual father to many young men allowing young men to feel valued and remembered in society outside the parameters of being just patriarchal members of society.

The patriarchy undeniable exists and so to have equality for women is a key component of what we need instilled in society.

Twitter User Andre at @Patchistan
“Every follower of Peterson is a child looking for a daddy to tell them how to live, because they are incapable of maturing and navigating life on their own. They are lazy sad, and frustrated bunch of children who fear being a fully responsible adult.”

Young men are suffering at the very hands of same politics which some would argue has been an advantage to them since the dawn of time. Born into a time where they are automatically the oppressors and women are the oppressed have stalled young men in their achievements of the world.

Whilst his platform has stirred up some rebuttals, it proves the need for a platform, ideas need to be discussed. Anything pushed out of political discussion no matter how hard it can be to hear, triggering it will be or hard to comprehend deserves time and ‘safe space’ to freely discuss.

Peterson is not enabling ‘transphobia, homophobia, or bigotry’, allowing for a space where ideas can be discussed without being accused immediately of ‘fascism’. It’s important and he is speaking to the appetite of the masses as his YouTube channel has 2.1m subscribers. His platform will speak to many.

Let’s hope it doesn’t empower those people who genuinely are the detestable and deplorable terms we ordain in society.

Perhaps those calling him names will think twice?

Shaun Flores
Shaun Flores
Shaun Flores is from Trinidad & Tobago, the home of carnival In 2018 he became a TEDx speaker speaking on the failures of multiculturalism. He is also a commercial & fashion model. MA in Race Media and Social Justice BA in Criminology & Sociology He hopes to study a PhD 'The absence of paternal masculinity in the black home'.

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