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How to Stay Warm in Style


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By Hannah Bamgbala

Winter. A season where everyone, if not most sane people throw on their warmest clothes to keep body heat. A season where covering up becomes our best friend whether we like it or not. As February draws nearer, the weather continues to drop in degrees, meaning less going out and a continuous piling on of more layers. On average, the weather this winter is roughly 1degrees Celsius minimum and 5 degrees Celsius  maximum. This in itself screams “WRAP UP”, but keeping warm in the bitter cold, whilst trying to look nice, can be a tricky task sometimes. It’s either you’re cold and you look good or you’re warm and looking nice is the last thing on your mind.

As a male, staying warm and looking nice can sometimes be easier than women, as men scientifically are naturally warmer beings compared to women. But, this doesn’t mean putting a good outfit together won’t be difficult.

You just have to have the right items in your wardrobe. So here are some outfit ideas to help you stay both warm and looking good when you’re out and about:

Smart Grey Overcoat: £125.00 Asos/River Island

Black Turtle Neck: £25.00 Topman

Black Skinny Jeans: £25.00 Asos

Black Boots: £80.00 Office

You can mix and match from the colour of your coat, to the colour of your top, bottoms and shoes. Experimenting with mixing and matching is an essential part of choosing a great outfit. It allows you to get creative and become your own professional personal stylist.

During winter, a lot of people seem to draw near to darker colours, but for those who enjoy colour and need a bit of brightness, these next couple of outfit choices are for you:

This camel brown overcoat will go perfectly over any outfit, complimenting both darker and lighter tones very well. You can choose to wear something casual underneath like a plain black or white t-shirt and jeans with trainers. Or, keep it smart with a navy blue suit, white shirt, complimented with a burgundy tie and black or brown shoes.

Smart Camel Overcoat: £80.00 River Island

Cream Cotton Jumper: £18.00 Asos

Acid Wash Skinny Jeans: £19.00 Asos

Brown Chelsea Boots: £66.00 Asos

Both of these smart causal outfits can be worn to events, on a night out with friends or anywhere you may be trying to dress to impress. They are simple, yet warm and stylish. They don’t draw too much attention, but say just enough to not make you invisible. They are also really comfortable; no one likes looking good but secretly wishing the night was over. Want to dance? Why not? Want to jump around? Sure, you can. Knitwear and jeans or trousers can be purchased in stretchy material which doesn’t hinder your freedom of movement.

These last two outfits are for more causal ventures. For example, going to the cinema, shopping, the library etc. Like the first two, they are very comfortable and allow room for movement.

Navy Blue Cable-Knit Jumper: £22.99 Asos/Pull and Bear

Denim Ripped Skinny Jeans: £35.00 Asos

Blue Vans: £60.00 Asos

Long Camel Puffer Jacket: £99.00 Asos

Black Oversized Hooded Parker: £95.00 River Island

Grey Muscle Jogger: £30.00 Asos

Black Air force 1: £74.99 Office

Overall, these different outfits are basic examples of how you can keep warm and look good during winter. Struggling to find something to wear is no longer your problem. Forget about looking good on a night out, in winter you’re more likely to be chilling at your friend’s house, at least I know I am. Keep warm and in style, not because you have to, but just because it feels good!

Thank me later!


Hannah Bamgbala was born in London and is of Nigerian descent. She is passionate about freedom of expression in both Africa and photography. Hannah is currently a Fashion Media and Promotion student at The University For The Creative Arts Rochester and is looking to pursue journalism, photography and styling once she graduates.

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