Henry Who? – UKIP’s Fourth Leader in 18 Months Sacked

Henry Bolton, leader of the UK Independence Party, has been sacked after party members backed a no-confidence motion at their general meeting in Birmingham this Saturday. This news has come as a surprise to some who weren’t even sure UKIP were still alive and kicking.

Henry Bolton took over from acting leader Steve Crowther after Paul Nuttal quit following the general election results. Nuttal took over from Nigel Farage after his exit following the EU referendum results and has only been in post for five months.

The party have already announced an interim leader, Gerard Batten MEP. Batten, at the EGM said : “We have had many crises in UKIP and I think this one today was about whether we have a future or not. I believe you have made the best decision that you could in the circumstances.

UKIP currently has no MPs and controls only one council in Britain. Following the last general election, which saw their vote share fall from 12.6% to 1.8%, many had thought that UKIP were finished. Bolton was the party’s fourth leader in 18 months.

There will be a fresh election at UKIP within 90 days and speculation has begun as to whether Farage will return. Farage has also hinted at a ‘momentum of the right’ party, which he may announce on Monday, as his old party becomes a sinking ship.

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