Epstein: What You Need To Know

Mystery and conspiracy rage on, as the American financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein managed to apparently commit suicide while under tight security in federal prison while awaiting prosecution on the charge of sex trafficking. He was accused of taking advantage of multiple underage age girls sexually.

Epstein was an incredibly rich man, owning private jets and mansions, although his source of income remains largely a mystery. Granted that he did work as an investment banker, and a financier to Leslie Wexner – this is this only information known of his fiscal history.

A young Epstein and Trump

It has been theorised that Epstein made bank by blackmailing wealthy individuals, or possibly of sex trafficking as he was charged.

Epstein had friends in very high places, some of which were part of the British Royal family (Prince Andrew), US Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump (though Trump denounced their friendship after Epstein’s arrest), Leslie Wexner, boss of L Brands, a UK clothing company which also owns Victoria’s Secret, and Ghislaine Maxwell (a former partner of Epstein’s).

The information in relation to the sex trafficking Epstein was supposedly involved in, could have tied these individuals to paedophile rings of massive proportions. This adds to the level of expected controversy as his death allowed his lips to remain closed, and his secrets hidden.

Trump and Clinton both have a history of allegations against them by women who claim they were sexually wronged by the men, so it could come as no surprise that the men were chummy with Mr Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein has managed to wriggle out of the grasp of the law in the past too (though by far less grim means), such as back in 2007 when he was also accused of sexual activity with minors yet received only 13 months in county jail. Does the US judicial system allow wealthy individuals such as Epstein to avoid proper lawful justice, as he did so for so many years?

Does having powerful friends in high places allow for the perversions of the elite to go without punishment? Though these kinds of cases seem to be popping up more, with pro-feminist movements such as MeToo, bringing about the open discussion of sexual harassment of women and calling out of assailants. Big social media events and movements are great for the promotion of anti-sexual harassment, and for raising awareness of sexual misconduct, but can they dent the big players in the paedo rings of the social elite?

Jyri L.R. Howie
Jyri Howie was born in Manchester, but is currently a student at the University of the Highlands and Islands, studying Criminology, Sociology and British Politics. He aims to simplify the school of politics down to its core pincipals, making it more accessible for the average reader. When not studying or writing, he spends his time at the gym, watching debates online and playing guitar.

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