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Corbyn to speak at anti-Trump rally

Labour announced that Jeremy Corbyn will be speaking at the anti-trump rally today in London.

Corbyn has long been a vocal critic of the US President and has notably refused to attend the royal banquet in his honour.

Corbyn has pointed towards the Presidents attack on Mayor Of London Sadiq Khan as one of the reasons as to why he is not attending the dinner.

Outgoing leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vince Cables, has also indicated that he will not be attending the state dinner, refusing to allow himself to be “hobnobbing” with a “misogynist”

Vince Cable made his feelings towards the US President clear in his article for the Financial Times:

President Trump will not be the first or last nasty piece of work to enjoy a state visit, but he is among the most dangerous.

His attitudes to women and to race are abhorrent. And his crude protectionism has placed the world on the brink of trade war between the US and China, with an exposed Brexit Britain stuck in the crossfire. No amount of pomp, circumstance and royal regalia can disguise the fact that Mr Trump poses a real risk to the world, and to Britain.

Vince Cable, Financial Times

While Sadiq Khan has yet to respond to Trumps tweets regarding him, he today launched a campaign with Elle targeted at promoting Women’s Rights – which has been scaled back by state governments under Trump’s administration.

While many prominent MPs and poltical leaders chastise Trump, and the British Government for hosting him, Kate Hoey has been a prominent defender of the red carpet reception held for Trump.

She takes the view that as the democratically elected head of our closest ally, “he should be welcomed whether we agree with his views or not”.

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