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Matt Healing

Matthew Healing is a Journalist, Writer & Poet from Edmonton, North London. He is the Executive Events Manager and Team Leader of Modal, The Common Sense Network’s live events division. His focus as a Team Leader is curating engaging and thought-provoking live events with eclectic guests, for a young and thoughtful audience. Currently residing in North London working as a Content Manager, Matthew runs Modal and creates multimedia content in his spare time, including: Poetry, Short Stories & Novellas, Music, and Art. He graduated from Brunel University London in 2018, appearing consecutively in the Hillingdon Literary Festival Anthology for his poetry, and writing a Novella under the tutelage of Booker Prize winner Bernardine Evaristo. His work explores his background growing up in North London, issues in modern culture, and dark postmodern comedy.
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The Marble Arch Mound – An Exercise In Dystopic Capitalism.

Highstreet footfall has flatlined since the beginning of the pandemic. The government’s response to this, plus a swathe of other issues that have been...

How do we leave the EU in the ‘right’ way?

As each day drags on, it feels as if a consensus surrounding Britain’s exit from the European Union will never be reached, and that...

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UK Election: What are the key Parties pledging?

With just over two weeks to go until the General...

Celebrating Three Years Of Impact

We recently took an organisational break at The Common...
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