A Left-wing BBC is an Insult to British people

A Left-wing BBC is an Insult to British people


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Electing Tim Davie as the new head of the BBC is a controversial move. The BBC has failed in its balancing act between generating niche content and mainstream entertainment for millions of viewers. No 10 is threatening to scrap the license fee because the Beeb has consistently failed to uphold impartiality. License fee payers are dropping like flies as they don’t feel their views or interests are represented.

Right-wing comics were 13 times more likely to be gagged than left-wing figures. Cognitive diversity is lacking, despite 7% of the whole population being privately educated, some 70% of current affairs journalists were; compared with 26% of the law and medical school attendees.

Mr Davie will be taking a large pay-cut for the job, on top of turning down running the even better-remunerated Premier League. His first step is to restore comedy and remove the left, liberal political correctness dominating it. This came from the Prime Minister’s message to stop this “cringing embarrassment about our culture” (sic), after BBC Last Night of the Proms organisers decided to change ‘Rule, Britannia’ or at least have it instrumental only.

Boo Britannia, crippling embarrassment and shame about our culture // Getty

Younger viewers switched to streaming Netflix and Amazon anyway, leaving the older, more dedicated viewers largely alienated. Meanwhile, woke Twitter mobs have forced paranoid Beeb Commissioners to “no-platform” right-wing content, out of fear of reprisals from upsetting fragile sensibilities. Right-wing content is written off as potentially ‘racist’ and we get another Nish Kumar gig. This “Cancel Culture” has left the politicians, such as Trump and Boris, taking the role of the comedians in society when we would all rather more sensible politicians and more outrageous comedians.

Question Time’s panel has been heavily weighted to the Left, with panels all left-wing bar one token participant. The audiences too, with exposes that it is far easier to get on the show if you have left-wing leanings.

The public deserved to know about events like the Rotherham paedophile ring surrounding exclusively Pakistani men and 1400 young white girls groomed and raped, while the BBC muted coverage because it didn’t fit the agenda. The immigrant ‘children’ scandal broke after many of the children turned out to be grown, men. The BBC failed to report this after pushing a decisive agenda to get them admitted to the UK in the first place.

We now see the same with Brexit once again. Internet news is dismissed as “gutter press” and the general public input as “fake news”, while chronically underreporting prominent societal issues. It isn’t surprising it has lost the confidence and trust of the masses it no longer represents. They simply stopped listening to their social and educational superiors and hence we got Brexit and over in America, Trump.

BBC news logo // BBC News

The insult to the public has gone far enough. With the internet blowing open the Upper-Middle Class stranglehold and us learning the truth about many forbidden things like Jimmy Saville, they are understandably appalled.

Tim has a tough job ahead of him to reconcile both Downing Street and the public. In an organisation that is dominated by “privilege guilt syndrome” of privately educated students all dancing to the same tune, opening genuine diversity of opinion may prove impossible.

If the BBC continues to fail to convince the ordinary masses that the liberal elite are not virtue-signalling, out of touch, fools and hypocrites; then its future is in jeopardy. We need reporting that doesn’t only criticise English nationalism, only attack racism by whites, only decry sectarian and religious violence of Jews against Muslims or Protestants against Catholics.

Davie needs to get away from the Beeb’s obsession with physical “diversity” so long as the gay, black-Asian Muslim woman partakes in the same generic values of the institution as a distraction from genuine diversity of opinion.

We need proportionate airing of the failings, faults and iniquities of disadvantaged groups and cultural minorities. Right now, we are dishonest about social class and race to the extent we largely pretend they don’t exist. Instead, attributing their problems merely to “poverty” as the bourgeoise serve up as a ready-made excuse for society to not take responsibility or change.

Finally, the trustworthiness of the BBC is trashed in the eyes of the public considerably less stupid than the privately educated media can accept. Somehow, they have forgotten about common sense or personal experiences that do not need a private education and can trump political correctness propaganda every time. It invokes insult to their intelligence and they will not put up with it much longer.

Against a prevailing backdrop where facing up to truths is regarded as socially irresponsible, lies, distortion, suppression and deceit have become moral guiding principles. Whether it be in comedy, sitcoms or newscast; the perversion is breath-taking, but passes without so much as a raised eyebrow at the BBC.

Nevertheless, such social goods are hard fought, and easily destroyed. Let’s hope Mr Davie understands the gravity of the situation.

Richard Bolton
Richard Bolton
Richard Bolton was born in the UK and is a Manchester University PPE graduate. He is a financial planner. Areas of intrigue include global political affairs, culture and nascent technologies. In his spare time, Richard is a keen sportsman and investor.

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