Omarosa is not done with the White House

By Dolline Mukui.

Let’s talk about Omarosa.

A former assistant to the president and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison for the White House. And if you haven’t heard, she is on Celebrity Big Brother US.

Having watched seasons past, it’s now become a recurring theme that being on a show like Big Brother will probably result in a lot of contestants baring their souls and revealing the real depths of their characters. But in the grand scheme of things, one never forgets that there is a game to be played, and there’s no winner without a good strategy. I’d like to think Omarosa’s was pretty straightforward.

When Omarosa resigned, or was fired (depending on who you ask), Big Brother grabbed the opportunity to have her on the show. Not only would it drive a mass audience to watch it, but due to it’s a secluded environment,  the house presents a great opportunity for the public to see truths and fabrications of individuals and compare them to what has been depicted and presented in various media publications.

So what have we learned about Omarosa and the White House since her recent appearance?

So far, she has been quiet expressive about her opinions. One of those instances occurred when she spoke to housemate Ross Mathews from E! Network. Ross asked if anyone questioned Trump’s tweets, and Omarosa replied ‘I tried to be that person and all of the people around him attacked me and said keep her away, don’t give her access…’. Going off the record of what has transpired within the first year of Trump’s presidency, we can’t fault Omarosa.

The White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah responded with, ‘Omarosa was fired three times on ‘The Apprentice,’ and this was the fourth time we let her go, she had limited contact with the President while here. She has no contact now.’

On another occasion, she spoke about the Vice President Pence and said that if he became president we would all be begging for Trump, because Pence is ‘extreme’.

From what we see in the big brother house, Omorosa is smart, intense and a force to be reckoned with. She clearly is not looking for sympathy; she wants people to understand that she was serving her country. And with many people misunderstanding her, she now has an opportunity speak her truth and try and adjust the skewed image of her which has been portrayed in the media.


Dolline is recently graduated with an MA in Broadcast Journalism. She is a ITV Breaking into News finalist whereby she reported on the Manchester Arena attack. Currently she is a voluntary co-host/contributor on show called a ‘Chat with Elle Celeste’. She also has a blog, where she talks about her life and travels.

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