I should begin this Issue by making It clear that Black History is not an event or festival. It is a rich reality built through Kings and Queens, on the back of slaves and free men and by innovators and educators. This reminder is important when we consider the tumultuous media landscape we currently inhabit. As the founder of The Common Sense Network, I know the power of narrative and imagery. The motif which dominates mainstream channels today is that Black boys are dangerous, that black women are angry and that black people only excel in sports or music. Those observant will realize that this is nothing but a tired old trope. I hope this issue of The Detail will challenge these persistent narrates and show you another side, something The Common Sense Network is created to do.

Black people only make up 3% of the Great British population, which means we are often described as a ‘minority’. This is the only thing minority about us. Black culture and influence can be seen in every facet of British society.

We are giants and have enriched British culture beyond description. If you are reading this, I hope the issue causes you to dream bigger and to take pride in who you are.  Our history is rich, illustrious and important. 

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