CultureWill This New Show Revive Piers Morgan's Career?

Will This New Show Revive Piers Morgan’s Career?


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Piers Morgan is one of a kind in the broadcasting world. When you mix viral social media takes, a polarising personality, and someone always on the edge of controversy, you get something close to Piers Morgan. Every time his name trends on Twitter, you think, “oh no, what has he done now”, like a Jack Russell that has an addiction to scrapping with something or someone. But in recent months, Morgan has disappeared from our screens and has only been a figure on Twitter, until now.

Piers’ New Show

Teaser trailer of Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump on Uncensored. Courtesy of Piers Morgan Uncensored

Uncensored is a live chat and debate show that the 57-year-old will be hosting on TalkTV, a new television station part of Rupert Murdoch’s News UK. Morgan has claimed that his show will “annoy all the right people,” with his first guest being the former United States President Donald Trump, which will probably do that. Dubbed “the most explosive interview of the year,” clips have emerged of Trump walking out of the interview, with it being claimed that the clip was “doctored”, according to the former president.

As people wait for this widely anticipated show hosted by the former Good Morning Britain host, we are now back into the cycle of hearing about Morgan on television after a brief silence. Twelve months after his stormy exit from GMB, it seemed that he was finished. It appeared he had lost his “un-cancellable” cloak, which had protected him for many years and that he had finally run out of the many lives he had. But with his new show Uncensored, will this revive his notorious, provocative, and infamous career, or will it do the opposite?

It is a question that has three possible paths. The first is that despite him saying that his show will be worth watching, it will not meet his oversaturated opinion. It may follow the same fate that his previous show, “Piers Morgan Live,” on CNN had faced: low ratings and ultimately being axed. If that doesn’t happen, then the second possibility is more likely. He will say something outlandish, be questioned for such a view, walk off and then quit his show on “his terms”, just like what happened with GMB. You then have the last possibility. If his show doesn’t meet his overly ambitious expectations or says something outlandish, it will continue to be aired due to high interest from people wanting to see Morgan red-faced in anger.

There is no clear answer to which path is more likely and what will end up being pure theory. The 57-year-old does have some control of what may or may not happen with his show, but looking at the clips of his interview with Trump, the broadcasting personality is still his polarising self.

He is using controversy as his fuel again, and he hasn’t changed in the last twelve months. At the same time, small viral clips don’t exactly tell the whole story, and as we see the long-form interviews, there might be a slight chance he has learnt a lesson from his previous mistakes. We might see his journalistic credentials if it still exists, or he provides an entirely different side that we may love or loath. Out of all the questions that Morgan will ask his guests, the question we want an answer to is the following: will Uncensored bring the best or worst out of the host? We will have that answer as the show develops.  

Hamish Hallett
Hamish Hallett
Hamish Hallett is a journalist/broadcaster part of the scribe team at Common Sense. He has a deep interest in current affairs, both domestically and internationally. Hamish loves to understand what makes people tick and get to the root of today's issues. Away from the network, Hamish has a profound interest in reading books, keeping active, travailing, meeting new and exciting people and controversially having ham and pineapple on pizza.

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