Wednesday Writing Workout: story building

Last week, we looked at building characters. This week, we’re going to get bring our characters together, have them meet each other.

This exercise is good if you’re stuck and are finding it difficult to think of a story to bring your characters together.

To start with you need some characters. They don’t need to be very well thought out, just 5 thing about them to start with.


Character A

Loves Dancing
Allergic to Cats
Wants to be a lawyer


Character B

Has 3 cats
Loves to cook
Writes poetry in his spare time

Then, think of 3 key moments in both of their lives. This could be when they met, when they nearly met, it could be an argument, or a first date, or their last day together.

Once you have 3 moments, you can fill in and write about that moment. You’ll want to add in descriptors for a setting and maybe some details about their history. Each moment is a way to really get into the characters and explore how they interact with others.

Be playful with it.


Happy Writing

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