Our foremost partners are our over 7000 members, who since our inception helped us raise over £50,000 in 50 days and also consume, share and contribute to The Common Sense Network. Since our inception, we have also collaborated and partnered with a number of organisations and high profile individuals receptive to our message and wanting to explore what The Common Sense Network could add their work. These partners and supports include, but is not limited to,

Shadow Immigration Secretary Afzal Khan MP at event hosted by The Common Sense Network

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office
British Council
British Broadcasting Corporation
WE Movement
James Mawson – President – London Press Club – CEO of Global Corporate Venturing
Queens Commonwealth Trust
Facebook London
The Economist
Kenneth Cukier – Senior Editor – The Economist
Lord Hastings of Scarborough – Global Head of Citizenship KPMG, Vice President UNICEF
The University of Manchester
Adrian Chiles
The Financial Times
University College London
and more

Below is a list of some achievements within the last 12 months:

Our Editor in Chief was invited to the Huxley Summit by Lord Willets celebrating 300 of the top Businesses, Academic and media minds in the UK.

Our network was featured in Hannahs Directory celebrating 100 of the top business in the North of England.

Our Founder and CEO was named 1 of 100 most influential BAME tech leaders in the UK for his work on The Common Sense Network in a report published in The Financial Times on the 14th of November 2018.

The Common Sense Network raised over £50,000 In 50 days in an online Kickstarter campaign with the help of over 500 people helping to start the campaign.

The Common Sense Tour to over 12 universities running many live shows and workshops.

The Network has collaborated with some notable outlets, British Council, The Economist, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, The University of Manchester and 14 other universities, BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 Live, Vine Juice, A stp Forward Magazine and many more.

Our online following has grown across all our digital outlets to over 20,000 people and counting.

We have conducted high profile interviews with awarding winning figures and global leaders Including Nikesh Shukla, Lord Hastings of Scarborough, Adrian Chiles and more.

We have been able to build a multifunctional platform accessed by over 2000 people every month.

We have been able to curate viral content, including a video seen more than 2.5 million times and more.

Our work has been published in a KS3 Text Book used nationally in schools across the UK.

Jazza John at Beyond Brexit event