Nutella Riot

On Thursday, French Supermarkets held a Black Friday-esque sale of Nutella leading to customers fighting over each other. The price fell from €4.50 (£3.90) to €1.40 (£1.20) offering a 70% discount! French reporters claimed shoppers were acting like ‘animals’ as they tried to stock up on the hazelnut chocolate spread.

Videos surfaced of shoppers in France fighting over one another to get as many jars as possible.

A customer told French media: “They are like animals. A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand.”

Nutella, manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero, was first introduced to the markets in 1964 and since then has become a word wide success. People around the world wishes they were in France to take advantage of the sale.


This was a random day that the supermarkets chose to discount Nutella jars, we wonder what will happen on National Nutella Day on February 5th.  The Ferrero Group also makes Kinder, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, and Tic Tacs. With Easter round the corner, discounted Kinder Eggs I can totally get behind.

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