A lot of questions have been asked this week as to whether it was necessary for England manager to use Captain and key man Harry Kane from the bench Tuesday night in a 1-0 win for the Three Lions.

The thoughts around the footballing world at present relating to Tottenham Hotspur talisman Kane appear to be around his struggle from fatigue and whether he needs a deserved rest.

Understandably though, in an era where results matter and jobs can be put at risk very quickly, it is such a critical decision that is potentially being made. Quite clearly one of the better strikers the Premier League currently has to offer, or even has ever offered, Kane would be a notable loss for any side, whether it be for one game or more.

In what could be described as a steady start to the season, with two goals and one assist, Kane has managed to notch for the first time in his career playing in the Premier League. However, pundits have still shown growing concerns to whether the 25-year-old is on the verge of a ‘burn out’.

While speaking to Sky, former Manchester United full-back and now pundit Gary Neville expressed his concern. He said the following: “I’m concerned about Harry Kane. Since 2015, Kane has played 175 matches. Forget the physical side, he needs a mental break as well because he’s struggling. I don’t think he should have been here for the two weeks.

“There was a welfare thing for me in terms of looking after players and he’s not had enough break now since 2015. I do remember a similar situation myself, accumulation from Euro 96 through Le Tournoi in 97 to World Cup 98 in France. In 1999 I blew up and in 2000 I was finished. For about six to eight months I really struggled mentally and physically.”

Jamie Carragher also gave opinion on the matter. He said: “With Kane I always think he’s a safe bet when you give him the ball. He’s got that upper body strength, holds people off and brings into play as he did for the first goal against Spain. But he looked sluggish in possession and he was getting knocked off the ball.

“Sometimes that comes from physical tiredness, but mental tiredness and you are not quite there. I agree, I I think it is an accumulation of games, but he’s never looked 100 per cent since the injury he picked up with Tottenham a couple of months to go in the season. He still got goals, but he’s never quite looked like the Harry Kane we know.”

With a person’s health there surely has to be a moral consideration that needs to be taken into effect, regardless of what position they play. A person’s wellbeing is important. Just last week we saw celebrities participate in Mental Health Awareness Day. While there is a fear of Harry Kane’s health whether it be physical or mental, surely the Spurs’ must make the correct decision and allow him a break to recover fully.