Breaking News: London Zoo Fire

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An aardvark named Misha was killed in the fire and four meerkats are now presumed to  dead after going missing. Staff members are being treated for smoke inhalation.

Misha the 9 year old Aadvark

Onsite vets have seen to other animals and ensured the public that the other animals were not affected.




The London Fire Brigade has reported that around half of the zoo’s adventure cafe and shop – which contains an animal petting area – is currently on fire. The cafe is near the meerkat enclosure.

Partial Map of London Zoo

No animals are thought to have been harmed yet.


Original story

News just in, 10 fire engines and 70 fire fighters are fighting a fire caused by a cafe in London Zoo.

London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo. It openes in 1828 and houses over 17,000 animals.

The zoo, located in Regents Park is currently being seen to be the London Fire department. So far there have been no injuries reported but the fire is still ongoing.


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