How It WorksA Woman of Courage: Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green

A Woman of Courage: Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green


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by Enoch Akinlade

Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green is one of less than hundred African American women who have a PhD in Physics in the Unites States of America. Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green is currently a Professor at Morehouse College in Atlanta, USA. She has been recently lauded by BET and other platforms for her endeavours to cure this perilous disease, which is the second leading cause of death in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, in the United States, about 1,620 people were expected to die of cancer each day in 2015 which roughly equates to about 590,000 people a year.

Over the past decade since completing her undergraduate degree at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green has been working tirelessly to end the epidemic of cancer. With up to half a million people being expected to die from cancer each year in the United States, this constant work by Dr Green is evermore important. She experienced first-hand the horrors of cancer. Her late Aunt Ora Lee Smith, who raised her, was diagnosed with cancer and vehemently refused to go through the process of chemotherapy and radiation due her unwillingness to experience the side effects of cancer, this encouraged Dr Green to find a solution to such an epidemic.

Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green

She was further spurred on to find a remedy after seeing her late uncle who also suffered the same gruelling fate of cancer, even though he decided to go through the process of cancer treatment such as radiation which had devastating side effects on him, such as loss of hair, excessive loss of weight and skin problems. After seeing the pain her Aunt and Uncle went through because of cancer, this led Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green to try to pursue a remedy to curing cancer with no side effects during her doctorate degree at University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Due to her innate passion to quench this malady she received funding from the National Science foundation, while doing her doctoral degree in Physics,  which helped her carry out her research. During her research, she developed a laser activated nanoparticles which she used on mice with tumours. This involves instilling the nanoparticles into a laser and targeting the tumour as if it’s an enemy. Because of the laser nanoparticles that Dr Green used on the mice, the tumours decreased by 40% within ten minutes and the tumour was totally eradicated within ten to fifteen days.

The question that persists in the minds of the public, is could Dr Green experiment work in humans? Dr Green believes that such experiment could possibly cure cancer in humans, however a major stumbling block of trying such experiment on humans is the requirement of going through several clinical trials accredited by the U.S food and drug administration which costs up to $30million.

She recently received a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairsfor her extraordinary efforts to fight cancer, which covers up to five years of research, which facilitates her to continue her enquiry to try to solve this epidemic. The clinical trials are indispensable to get such medication approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration, she therefore set up the Ora Lee Smith foundation a non-profit in honour of her late aunt to raise the $30 million which covers the funds to have clinical trials on humans to stop the mortality rates of cancer. The purpose of the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation is to translate Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green ground-breaking treatment from the laboratory into hospitals. 

To support Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green vision of ending the cancer epidemic you can donate through the Orla Lee Smith Foundation website

Enoch Akinlade is a writer who has a profound interest inBritish, American and Canadian politics, and other topics such as health,social inequalities,crimeand sport. Furthermore, he is also deeply interested in topics such as the criminal justice system in the UnitedStates, Britain, Australiaand Canada. He is also highly interested in the Prisonindustrial complexin America.

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